• Well nights


      Well nights are offered every Wednesday from 6-9pm. They're an opportunity for students and their families to connect, unwind, and take care of themselves.


      They cost $30 per person, which includes a healthy cooking class, dinner, herbal tea, yoga class, and guided journaling and meditation sessions.


      Here's more about what you'll do on your well night:

      6:00 PM

      Healthy cooking class & dinner

      We are what we eat. So to be well, we need to eat well.


      Every well night, a professional chef will show participants how to cook a healthy, delicious meal that you can replicate yourself at home any time.


      Then, of course, we'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, sharing a great meal with each other.

      7:00 PM

      Herbal tea & journaling

      To take care of ourselves, we also must take care of our mind. One great way to do that is through daily journaling, which gives us the space to let whatever we've been thinking or feeling out and try to work through it. Journaling also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we're grateful for, what we're doing well, and what we want to improve.

      7:30 PM


      Another key ingredient of a healthy life is feeling connected to others. On well nights, participants are encouraged (but not required) to share something they journaled about, while others in the group offer a listening ear, empathy, support, or advice.

      8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

      Yoga & meditation

      We'll wrap up the night with a guided yoga & meditation. Our yoga sessions will be inclusive of beginners, and can help with pain and stress relief, and can improve strength while reducing chance of injury. Paired with guided meditation, this session will also help you relax and quiet your mind.

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