• Unleash your inner leader

    • At Leader School, we're redesigning K-12 education from the ground up to ensure students have the skills they need to take on the world.

    • What sets us apart


      We don't believe in one-size-fits-all education. Instead, we provide students and their families with a default curriculum, and help them customize it align with their interests, values and goals.

      Flexible format & schedule

      Students have the option to learn independently, in a remote group, or in a small in-person group. Families can also choose when and how often they'd like students to meet with their classmates and teachers.

      Real world based

      Learning only really matters - and sticks - if you can apply it. So we help our students develop projects that challenge them to develop real solutions to real problems in their community & beyond.


      We know that to be your best, you need to take care of your self. So we help our students develop a healthy daily routine that includes activities like journaling, meditating, exercising, and preparing healthy meals.

      Learn key life skills

      Life is full of challenges, and we think school can do more to prepare students for them. So in addition to traditional subjects, we also help students learn life skills like money management, networking & conflict resolution.

      Less testing, more doing

      The real world is focused on doing, not memorizing. So rather than focusing on test scores, we focus on helping students develop top-notch research, critical thinking, communication, collaboration & problem-solving skills.

      Stand out from the crowd

      In the real world, people care what you can do, not what grades you had. We help every student build a stellar portfolio that showcases their projects & skills, helping them stand out in future college and job applications.

      Affordable for all

      We believe all students should have access to the highest quality education. So we offer an income-based tuition model that starts at $0, and work with each family to ensure cost is never a barrier.