• Leader School helps students of all ages develop into well-rounded, driven, capable leaders.


      Here's what students get out of our programs:

      Be ready for the real world

      The jobs of today and tomorrow require more collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and initiative than ever. We'll help students prepare for them.

      Make a difference

      We all want to do something that matters with our lives. Leader School gives students the mindset, skills, and support they need to solve real problems in the world.

      Be your best you

      In order to be a great leader, we first must take care of ourselves. Leader School will help students become a healthier, happier, kinder and more passionate version of themself.

      Stand out from the crowd

      Colleges and employers are looking for people that can bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table, and become a leader amongst their peers. We'll help students do just that.

    • Our programs

      Day school

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A K-12 school focused on wellness, awareness and problem solving

      After school

      Monday - Friday


      A program for aspiring leaders focused on awareness and problem solving

      Leader Year

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A gap year program for students taking a year off before or during college

      Summer camp

      Monday - Friday

      JUL - AUG

      Weekend warriors

      Saturday &/or Sunday


      Well nights

      Every Wednesday


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