• Leader School offers K-12 day school, after school & summer programs that unleash the inner leader in every student.

    • How we do it:


      At Leader School, students get out into the real world & learn about the problems facing their community. They can learn more about the problems they care about most, ultimately choosing one they really want to focus on.


      Once they've chosen a problem to focus on, they then dig in further. They get to talk with and research people experiencing this problem and people working to solve it, getting a deeper understanding of the problem, what works and what doesn't.


      Armed with a better understanding of the problem, they'll be ready to start brainstorming solutions & testing them out on a small scale. They'll then analyze the results, learn how to improve, and try again until they find a solution that really works.


      If they'll found a way to solve the problem, they're ready to start bringing it to the world the world. In this stage, they'll learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship so they can find a sustainable way to help as many people as possible.

    • Our programs

      Day school

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A K-12 school focused on wellness, awareness and problem solving

      After school

      Monday - Friday


      A program for aspiring leaders focused on awareness and problem solving

      Leader Year

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A gap year program for students taking a year off before or during college

      Summer camp

      Monday - Friday

      JUL - AUG

      Weekend warriors

      Saturday &/or Sunday


      Well nights

      Every Wednesday


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