• Leader School offers K-12 day school, after school & summer programs that prepare students for the real world.

    • How we do it:

      Helping you be well

      To help others, we must first take care of ourselves. At Leader School, students participate in fun activities that help them stay fit, eat healthy, generate happiness, and build stronger relationships. This allows them to bring more energy to each day, and have more to give as a leader.

      Building your awareness

      To lead, we must be aware of the world around us. At Leader School, students spend a portion of their time learning about current events and developing a deeper understanding of how history, culture and science all impact the world we experience today.

      Helping you solve problems

      A great leader is a master problem solver. To become one, students pick a problem that your community faces & collaborate with classmates to help solve it. Along they way, they'll level up your skills in critical thinking, math, the experimental method, technology, entrepreneurship, writing & public speaking.

    • Our programs

      Day school

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A K-12 school focused on wellness, awareness and problem solving

      After school

      Monday - Friday


      A program for aspiring leaders focused on awareness and problem solving

      Leader Year

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A gap year program for students taking a year off before or during college

      Summer camp

      Monday - Friday

      JUL - AUG

      Weekend warriors

      Saturday &/or Sunday


      Well nights

      Every Wednesday


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