• Unleash your inner leader

    • At Leader School, we're redesigning education from the ground up to ensure students have the skills they need to take on the world.

    • What sets us apart

      Real world based

      Learning only really matters - and sticks - if you can apply it. So every day, our students work on projects that challenge them to develop real solutions to real problems in their community & beyond.


      The world needs people with different perspectives & skills. Our students are encouraged to pursue their interests & focus on the skills they care about most.

      1:1 attention

      We have the lowest student:faculty ratio of any online school in the US. That allows teachers to connect with & bring the best out of each student.


      We start every day with exercise, meditation & journaling. This gives students the energy and focus they need to be their best, in school and beyond.

      Learn key life skills

      Life is full of challenges, and traditional subjects aren't enough to prepare us for them. So we also focus on key life skills like money management, networking & conflict resolution.

      Deeply connected

      Despite being an online school, every class is a tightly-knit group. Students work on projects together, share their learnings & support each other, every day.

      Less testing, more doing

      The real world is focused on doing, not memorizing. Rather than testing students constantly, we focus on developing top-notch research & critical thinking skills.

      Stand out from the crowd

      Outside of school, people care what you can do, not what grades you had. We help every student build a stellar portfolio that showcases their projects & skills.

      Sensible schedule

      Most parents work from 9-5. So our school runs from 9-5 too. That means 3 extra hours of guided learning every day, and peace of mind for parents.

    • Our programs

      Both of our programs are 100% online & available to grades 5-12.

      Summer program

      June 22 - August 21

      Tuition: $3,600


      Monthly payment plans available, with the first month due upon registration

      Day school

      August 24 - June 18

      Tuition: $18,000


      Monthly payment plans available, with the first month due upon registration

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