• Frequently asked questions

      What is the average class size?

      We aim to have the lowest class size around, with no more than six students per class for all of our day and after school programs. This allows you to form a tight-knit bond with your peers and teacher.

      How much homework will I have?

      None! Yup, you read that right. At Leader School, we believe students, like the rest of us, should have plenty of free time to spend doing whatever they want, whether that's connecting with friends and family, creating art, reading, learning to code, learning a foreign language, or just having fun and relaxing.


      Students and families who would like additional structured learning outside of normal school hours are encouraged to join our after school program.

      How will I be graded?

      (Only applicable to students in day programs)

      The research on whether grades are actually helpful to learning is mixed. So at Leader School, we allow families to determine whether they would like to receive grades at all.


      If a family opts into receiving grades, our mentors (what other schools call teachers) will assess the student on the following:


      25%: Wellness - Demonstrated engagement & growth in these areas:

      1. Exercise
      2. Meditation & journaling
      3. Nutrition


      25%: Awareness - Demonstrated learning in these areas:

      1. Science & technology
      2. Global culture & history
      3. Current events & politics
      4. Life skills

      25%: Problem solving - Demonstrated skill & growth in these areas:

      1. Research
      2. Design
      3. Mathematics
      4. Entrepreneurship
      5. Communication

      25%: Character - Demonstrated ability & growth in these areas:

      1. Zest (Consistently engaged, enthusiastic, and curious)
      2. Bravery (Eager to try new things and think outside the box)
      3. Humility (Able to see their strengths and weaknesses & driven to grow)
      4. Kindness (Good listener, caring & able to put themselves in others' shoes)
      5. Self-regulation (Able to manage their feelings & persevere through challenges)

      What should I bring to school?

      Leader School is all-digital, so you can leave your binders, notebooks and folders at home. Instead, we just ask you to bring a laptop or large tablet with a keyboard.


      You'll also probably want to bring a towel and change of clothes so you can change after exercising. And if you'd prefer to journal with pen and paper, you're welcome to bring that as well.

      Is there a dress code?

      Nope. Students here are encouraged to bring their authentic self to school every day, and part of that is dressing however they would like.

      How does Leader School's curriculum compare to other schools?

      While other schools are theoretical, Leader School is deeply practical.

      Other schools ask students to memorize a bunch of information and hope some of it will be useful in the future - and that they'll remember it at that time. But research in neuroscience has shown that this is simply not the way our brains work: we need to regularly use what we learn in order for it to really stick.

      So instead, students at Leader School are constantly directly applying their learning, either to their own lives or to projects that aim to solve real problems.


      We think our curriculum stacks up quite well when compared to the curriculum of more traditional schools. Check out our "How we stack up" page to learn more.

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