• Leader School offers K-12 day school, after school & summer programs where students aren't afraid to be different.

    • How we encourage this:

      Be the real you

      At Leader School, there are no dress codes, no formalities, and no cliques. Instead of worrying so much about fitting in, students here are encouraged to be their authentic self, bringing their unique interests, experiences and perspectives to every project.

      Tight-knit teams

      At Leader School, students will be with a small group of classmates every day, possibly for multiple years. Students get to know each other deeply and - we hope - start to feel like family. They have fun together, learn together, grow together, and push each other to be better every day.

      Empathy first

      At Leader School, students learn how to respond to any conflict with empathy and compassion rather than defensiveness. This skill will help them for the rest of their life, professionally and personally. We also think it'll make Leader School the most welcoming school they've ever been to, and will make the friendships they make here even more special.

    • Our programs

      Day school

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A K-12 school focused on wellness, awareness and problem solving

      After school

      Monday - Friday


      A program for aspiring leaders focused on awareness and problem solving

      Leader Year

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A gap year program for students taking a year off before or during college

      Summer camp

      Monday - Friday

      JUL - AUG

      Weekend warriors

      Saturday &/or Sunday


      Well nights

      Every Wednesday


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