• Day programs

      All of our day programs follow the same schedule / curriculum:

      (this includes day school, summer camp, weekend warriors & leader year)

      9:00 AM


      To be a great leader, we first must take care of ourselves. That starts with getting regular exercise. So we start each day with an online PE class from world-renowned physical trainer, Joe Wicks. Students then have some time to shower and change before rejoining for the rest of the day.

      10:00 AM


      To take care of ourselves, we also must take care of our mind. One great way to do that is through regular meditation, which teaches you how to calm your mind and focus on the present.


      Every morning, we spend about 15 minutes meditating together, guided by some of the world's best meditation teachers.

      10:15 AM


      Another great way to take care of our minds is through daily journaling, which gives us the space to let whatever we've been thinking or feeling out and try to work through it. Journaling also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we're grateful for, what we're doing well, and what we want to improve.

      10:45 PM


      Another key ingredient of a healthy life is feeling connected to others. So every day, students are encouraged (but not required) to share something they journaled about, while their classmates and mentors offer a listening ear, empathy, support, or advice.

      11:00 AM


      To be a great leader, we must first understand how the world works. At Leader School, you'll spend an hour each day exploring the topic of your choice. This learning could take the form of independent or collaborative research, reading up on topics of interest, or watching educational videos or documentaries.


      To ensure a well-balanced worldview, students will spend an equal amount of time on each of these 4 focus areas:


      Science & technology

      Learn how the universe works and how science can help us understand the global problems we face today. Also learn how technology works & what the future of tech means for us.


      Global culture & history

      Learn how we got here, what our ancestors learned along the way, and how people around the world live.


      Current events & politics

      Learn what's going on in your community & world, and how to be a good citizen.


      Life skills

      Learn how to be happy, healthy, responsible and get along with others.

      12:00 PM

      Lunch break

      12:30 PM


      After spending an hour exploring a topic, students share what they learned with their classmates, who can ask them questions to learn more.

      1:00 PM

      Problem solving

      Great leaders are master problem solvers. At Leader School, you'll get hands on experience developing new solutions to problems in your community and beyond every day.


      Along the way, you'll spend about 1/5 of your problem solving time on each of these focus areas:



      Learn how to find the root cause of any problem.


      Design thinking

      Learn how to brainstorm and test out solutions.



      Learn how to gather and analyze data to gain a deeper understanding of anything.



      Learn how to scale a solution to a problem sustainably and make a broader impact



      Learn how to communicate with, engage and inspire people through the written & spoken word.

      3:00 PM


      Students use this time to either dig deeper into a



      Including literature, music & film




      Foreign Language


      SAT Prep

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