• Cost & financial aid

      Do you offer financial aid?

      Yes! We're committed to doing everything we can to keep money from being a barrier for any family, regardless of their financial circumstances. So, we offer financial aid that covers up to 100% of costs for all of our programs.

      How much do your programs cost without financial aid?

      Day school: $18,000 for the 10-month school year

      Assuming student attends Monday - Friday from 9am - 3pm. Can be paid in 10 installments* of $1,800


      Summer camp: $4,320 for the 10-week program

      Assuming student attends Monday - Friday from 9am - 3pm. Can be paid in 3 installments* of $1,440


      Weekend warriors:
      $780 / month
      if enrolled for both days (Saturday AND Sunday)

      $390 / month if enrolled for one day (Saturday OR Sunday)

      Both prices assume student attends from 9am - 3pm.


      After school programs:

      $180 / month if the student enrolls for one day per week

      $360 / month if 2 days per week

      $540 / month if 3 days per week

      $720 / month if 4 days per week

      $900 / month if 5 days per week


      *The first installment is required upfront to secure a spot in the program. The remaining installments can be paid on a monthly basis starting at the start of the program.

      How is tuition determined?

      The maximum tuition for all programs is calculated as $15/hour multiplied by the number of hours the program runs per year (not including transportation time or holidays). That hourly rate is not only much less than other top private schools and educational programs, but is even less than the average pay rate for a babysitter.

      Why are you so much cheaper than other private schools?

      At most private schools, a big chunk of their tuition goes towards things that are unnecessary to deliver a quality education, like multi-million dollar campuses and dozens of administrators and staff.

      At Leader School, the only administrator is the principal, there are no staff other than teachers, and our physical spaces are both awesome and budget-friendly. All of that allows us to offer our best-in-class education at a bargain price.

      How much do lunches cost?

      Lunches are $5 for students in our day programs. 100% of that goes to food costs, ensuring every freshly prepared, all-organic meal is as healthy as it is delicious.

      So that no one has to worry about remembering to bring a $5 bill with them to school every day, we ask that parents pay for meal costs at the same time as tuition each month.

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