• How we stack up


      We're redesigning education from the ground up, and that includes a whole new curriculum. But we're confident that students won't lose any of the key learning and skills they would attain from a more traditional school. Here's how:



      Instead of learning math from a textbook, our students' math learning focuses on gathering and analyzing data as a tool for solving problems.


      While other schools hope that some of what students learn in math may someday be useful to them in the business world, our students learn that directly as well, through our focus on entrepreneurship



      Instead of learning the sciences from textbooks and memorizing it for tests, Leader School students are encouraged to learn about science as it relates to real challenges the world is facing: like climate change, natural disasters, and epidemic diseases.


      Students also learn about chemistry and biology in an applied form through nutrition.



      Instead of learning how to write formal academic papers, Leader School students learn how to communicate in ways that are more relevant to the real world in their writing subject & in their speaking and listening subject

      History & government


      When Leader School students learn about history, they're encouraged to constantly think about how it connects to our culture and the world we live in today. And instead of learning about how government works in theory, our students learn how government is working today and how they can be involved, through our current events & politics subject

      Foreign language


      While it can be helpful to learn a foreign language, we do not believe that all students must learn a foreign language in order to become a well-rounded adult. Indeed, research has found that just 0.7% of people still regularly speak the foreign language they learned in high school.


      That said, since we do not assign homework, students are welcome spend some of their out-of-school time using one of the many excellent apps & software for language learning.

      Art, music & literature


      Art, music & literature are other areas that benefit from our no homework rule, as students will be welcome to spend as much of their free time exploring and creating art as they wish.


      Students are also welcome to express their thoughts and feelings as artistically as they would like during their journaling time.

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