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At LeaderSchool, we believe every kid can make great things happen. So we develop fun & challenging out-of-school programs to help Rhode Island's students do just that.

We’re now preparing for the Winter 2019 launch of a new program called Weekend Warriors. This program will turn every Saturday into an opportunity for middle school students to lead a project that solves a real problem in their community. We’ll guide them through 5 stages, inspired by the cutting-edge process behind Google Ventures.

To help us prepare for the launch, we’re seeking a team of student interns who have the same drive we do to think differently about education, constantly iterate and improve, and help young people reach their potential.

What your role entails

As Music Intern, you’ll work with a small team of passionate young innovators like yourself to create the soundtrack of LeaderSchool’s programs, videos and events.

In the spirit of LeaderSchool, you’ll have the freedom to brainstorm, experiment, collaborate, and get creative with how you pursue that mission (with all the guidance you need along the way, of course).

While you’ll have a lot of opportunity to customize your role to fit your strengths and interests, here’s a glimpse at what your work as Music Intern could look like:

  • Learning more about the mission of LeaderSchool to reinvent education
  • Working with the Video Intern, Community Outreach Intern & Entrepreneurship Intern to understand the music needs of our videos, events and programs
  • Finding music that fits these needs perfectly and arrange into playlists
  • If within your capability, creating original music that fits these needs as well
  • Seeking feedback on your music selections and creations, and iterate and improve
  • Managing audio testing and set-up for our events and programs
  • “DJ”ing our events and programs (no need to be a pro, just need to play, stop and adjust volume at the appropriate times and manage any audio issues that may arise)

Benefits of your role

  • Receiving guidance and mentorship from the organization’s founder, who has a strong track record of success in entrepreneurship, psychology education reform and tech.
  • Working with a passionate, creative, collaborative team
  • Contributing to an exciting mission to change the way kids learn
  • Receiving academic credit (contact your the office for internships or your major if you’re unsure how receiving credit for internship works at your school)
  • Applying your music skills in a new way and strengthening your resume
  • A thoughtful letter of recommendation from the organization’s founder for use in future job or grad school applications
  • Strong consideration for a job offer after the internship ends or after you graduate

Qualities we're seeking

  • You believe in the educational power of real, challenging projects
  • You’re a team player who enjoys collaborating with others
  • You’ve led or worked on impactful projects in the past
  • You have a burning passion for music and appreciate a wide range of genres
  • You have some experience with creating music or DJ’ing
  • You have a growth mindset (you aren’t discouraged by critical feedback, and understand that frequently revising and improving is part of producing great music)

Availability required

  • You’re available to join our weekly meetings in Providence on Saturday afternoons (specific location TBD, but we’ll ensure it’s easily accessible by bus)
  • You’re available to devote at least a few hours each week to fulfilling your role’s responsibilities (specific amount will vary based on the academic credit you receive for the internship, if applicable)

How to apply

  • If most of the qualities above sound like you, we want to hear from you!
  • Please send your resume &/or a link to your Linkedin profile to kylenacci@gmail.com by September 1st
  • If applicable, please also attach or link to an example of music you’ve created
  • If you seem like a potential match for this role, we’ll follow up by September 2nd to set up an interview
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