• Leader School offers K-12 day school, after school & summer programs that bring the best out of every student.

    • How we do it:

      Putting EQ above IQ

      From our admissions criteria to our curriculum and even our grading, what we care about most is that they're becoming more self-aware, self-motivated and empathic of others. These "soft skills" will give them the foundation for academic, professional and personal success throughout their life.

      Learning that's actually fun

      At Leader School, students get to learn about things they'll actually use in life, dig deeper into the things that interest them most and work on projects that solve real problems in their community and beyond. And they get to do it with a tight knit group of friends and without the bounds of a traditional classroom.

      Someone in their corner

      At Leader School, students' mentors (what other schools call teachers), will be with them throughout the day, usually for multiple years. This means they'll get to know as well as anyone how they learn best, what drives them and how to help them succeed.

    • Our programs

      Day school

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A K-12 school focused on wellness, awareness and problem solving

      After school

      Monday - Friday


      A program for aspiring leaders focused on awareness and problem solving

      Leader Year

      Monday - Friday

      SEP - JUN

      A gap year program for students taking a year off before or during college

      Summer camp

      Monday - Friday

      JUL - AUG

      Weekend warriors

      Saturday &/or Sunday


      Well nights

      Every Wednesday


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