• After school program

      2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

      Students picked up

      If you go to school in RI, you're eligible for free transportation to Leader School, directly from your school

      3:00 PM

      Topic exploration

      To be a great leader, we must first understand how the world works. As a problem solver, you'll have the opportunity to spend an hour each day learning about the topic of your choice. This learning could take the form of independent or collaborative research, reading up on topics of interest, or watching educational videos or documentaries.


      Topics may include:


      Science & technology

      Learn how the universe works and how science can help us understand the global problems we face today. Also learn how technology works, how to design good products, and what the future of tech means for us.


      Global culture & history

      Learn how we got here, what our ancestors learned along the way, and how people around the world live.


      Current events & politics

      Learn what's going on in your community & world, and how to be a good citizen.


      Life skills

      Learn how to be happy, productive and financially responsible.

      4:00 PM


      After spending an hour exploring a topic, students share what they learned with their classmates, who can then ask them questions to learn more.

      4:30 PM

      Project work

      As a problem solver, you'll pick a problem in your community or beyond to solve, and get hands on experience in each of these areas:



      Learn how to find the root cause of any problem.


      Design thinking

      Learn how to brainstorm and test out solutions.



      Learn how to gather and analyze data to gain a deeper understanding of anything.



      Learn how to scale a solution to a problem sustainably and make a broader impact



      Learn how to communicate with, engage and inspire people through the written & spoken word.

      6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

      Students dropped off

      If you live in RI, you're eligible for free transportation from Leader School to your home

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